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Migration Pattern in UK

United Kingdom has welcomed a fair share of immigrants throughout its history. From the year 1975 to 2000 the immigration figures were below hundred thousand ever year. Within a span of ten to fifteen years the immigration rate grew rapidly and by the year 2015 the figures reached more than three hundred thousand per year.

Problems Caused by Immigration in UK

  • The population has grown drastically in the span of past few years. And it is forecasted that the population will grow even more rapidly, and the majority of the future population would be the immigrants and their progeny, with only a miniscule part of the original UK citizens.
  • The major cities of UK are already overpopulated by international standards. Housing rates are extremely expensive.
  • Providing Housing and basic amenities for such huge influx of people is not possible.
  • There is no tax income generated from immigrants and the government cannot increase tax rates for other citizens.
  • United Kingdom is a comparatively smaller country in landmass and it cannot accommodate immigrants the size of its cities every year.

To counter the above problems UK has started implementing stringent immigration laws. There are different set of rules for immigration from European Union, Commonwealth countries and rest of the world.